I’m not starting a warblog, but I haven’t heard so much talk about nuclear war since Jimmy Carter said it was Amy’s worst fear. Back in 1980, however, I couldn’t call up a map showing how much destruction a 1 megaton nuclear blast would cause if someone put it, say, under my desk. (Please, no one get any ideas.) Thanks to those good folks at PBS, I can now.

2 thoughts on “ka-boom

  1. Hmm, let’s hope this happens while I’m at home. I’m just outside the last line, so if the wind isn’t blowing, I might be OK. Also, I’m going to stop cursing the fact that my new house is five minutes farther from work. Those five minutes will save me from your nuclear desk.

  2. Sorry, Laura. The map only shows the “pressure” damage. The fallout map shows a cloud floating right through your neighborhood (and all the way to Knoxville).

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