3 thoughts on “How to make money in magazine publishing

  1. OK I have to say, Cook’s is The Real Deal if you’re a Real Cook. I have spent who knows how much money on cookbooks and cooking magazines and this is the only one I subscribe to. I am occasionally inspired by something fancy I find in a high-end magazine, and I own a lot of really complicated cookbooks that I use, but I value Cook’s for what it teaches me about the science of cooking. I learn so much more from each article than how to cook that particular dish…They go on and on about WHY something works and something else doesn’t….it’s nirvana for someone who’d rather spend their time in the kitchen than any other room in the house.
    As far as their magazine formula, also magic. They have a fantastic voice. You feel like Kimball and his staff are sitting around discussing dishes and kitchen tips with you. It’s a very personal feel. I think the lack of advertising contributes to that. You read the magazine and feel as if it’s a personal newsletter devoted to your needs, not a commercial enterprise, which obviously it is.

  2. Voice. Community. What a concept. Although, how can people who cook so much find time to do all this reading?

  3. Well actually sometimes I read cookbooks like books. And when I get ready to cook something I consult anywhere from 2-6 cookbooks for a recipe and then create a combination of all of them or pick my favorite…so there’s a lot of reading involved. But see, what Cook’s does is eliminate a lot of that research and testing time for you. It’s pretty awesome.

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