How to make money in magazine publishing, II

Yesterday, it was the Cook’s Illustrated model. Today, it is Nation. No, really, Nation. It will make money this year, says the Washington Post.


Typically, political journals — such as the conservative National Review and the neo-centrist New Republic — lose money. The problem is circulation and a niche audience: Unlike money-making People magazine — with its weekly circulation of more than 3.5 million and 2001 revenue of more than $700 million — journals such as the Nation (circulation 117,000) cannot demand big advertising dollars.

2 thoughts on “How to make money in magazine publishing, II

  1. Ah, I’ve figured it out: the success model for magazines is simple. Get Laura Creekmore to subscribe.

  2. (Laura says: Laura subscribing=magazine success.

    I agree. The key to success these days is to get Laura to subscribe to a magazine. (I won’t ask about your subscription to Maxim.)

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