One more useless survey

Recently, I noticed where I said one of the topics I cover on this weblog is “parenting.” Since I’ve never posted anything on that topic, I thought I would blog this story about a survey that reveals “more children are nagging their parents.”

Quote (AP via Yahoo News):

“They are being made to feel that if they don’t have the right low-cut designer jeans, the right video game or the right designer watch, they aren’t going to have a friend ? that they’re going to be rejected by other kids, ” says Betsy Taylor, executive director of the Takoma Park, Md.-based center, which promotes responsible consumption of resources and goods.

Rather than using the headline “More Young People Nagging” for the story, I would have used the headline “Not Enough Parents are Spanking.”

And so now you see why I’m not posting on parenting issues.