You’re so Nashville if…

…your historic buildings are owned by a demolition company.

I just entered that into the Nashville Scene’s annual competition.

See, my friend David, who can’t believe there are people in this world who tear down historic buildings in order to erect cookie-cutter drugstores or that a century-old afternoon newspaper would be shuttered by its owners, thinks I should take up the cause of saving the old Nashville Banner Building on Church Street adjacent Printer’s Alley. According to an article in today’s Nashville City Paper, if its new owners can’t garner the tax breaks and variances they seek, Nashville will be home to a brand-spanking new parking lot on the site.


“It would be nice if the Banner Building could be saved,” said (Banner Building owner and Mid-South Wrecking Co. Inc. President Bill) Sauve. “It’s got a lot of nice [architectural features], and there are not too many buildings like that left.”

But don’t get your hopes up as Sauve is quick to remind us:

“I’m in the demolition business,” Sauve said. “I’ve torn down a lot of buildings similar to (the Banner Building) in the downtown area.”

(By the way, I found the print of the building via a site maintained (?) by a group called the Friends of the Metropolitan Archives of Nashville and Davidson County, to which, no doubt, my friend David belongs.)

Later: David informs me that, of course, he is a member.