2 thoughts on “Catch-up blogs from yesterday

  1. Speaking of catch-up blogs. Your weblog readers have been Not So Patiently Waiting for you to give Venus & Serena their due. I mean, I’m not even a tennis fan & I’ve gotta go with — who was it — ? — I want to say Frank Deford on NPR recently but am not sure — who said that the tennis dominance the Williams sisters are exhibiting is not only unparalleled in tennis, but also in sport. I think they are incredible. And yet all we see on recent sport links is the Lance Armstrong link….who’s in 33rd place by the way. Let’s give the Wms. sisters their props.

  2. Really? Lance Armstrong is in 33rd place because he hasn’t had his team time trial yet. Check back in Wednesday evening. As for the Williams sisters, I agree: they are great. Dominant. Whatever. I’m not willing to dethrone Chris Everett or Martina Navratolova (I hope the spelling is close) or Billie Jean King quite yet. And I’m certainly not in agreement with the “most dominant in the history of sport” Deford comment. Although I greatly enjoy his commentaries, he is a blow-hard. (And he’s best known for his association with a magazine you think is boring.)

    I will say this about the Williams sisters. They are one of the few overly-hyped sports child prodigies who actually delivered. I remember seeing them on the cover of Parade Magazine when they were ages 6 and 8 and playing on an inner-city public tennis court. Even while totally skipping competing in the junior tennis circuit, but were still covered in the tennis media as if they were the second coming.

    My favorite Williams sister is Venus for some reason. I haven’t figured it out because Serena seems like the more likable of the two. Do you have a clue why I like Venus better, because I don’t.

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