Lance Armstrong will ride to his coronation today. I wish the recent New Yorker story regarding him appeared online. It is a great synopsis and update of Armstrong’s autobiography (written with Sally Jenkins). What can anyone say to capture the magnitude of Armstrong’s inspiring accomplishments? His sport, and his specialty and special place in it, capture perfectly the metaphorical essence of his triumph. Cancer, he says in his biography, is the best thing that ever happened to him. For it caused him to remold his body and rewire his mind. From the valley of the shadow of death, he rolled out to soar up mountains with greater power than any human alive. And yet he did not lose his speed, as yesterday’s time trail once more proved. His life is a monument to dedication, focus and the stewardship of talent. He proves that adaptation, change and a balancing perspective are necessary for winning challenges of endurance. He displays that humility, even if it comes as a by-product of tragedy and loss, is more endearing than excessive pride. For now, Lance Armstrong is my hero. I hope he holds it together for his Tour de Life.