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Typical of mis-informed analysis, here’s another story which attempts to turn the problems of Martha Stewart and Rosie into a magazine “trend” story.

Some of the observations are correct, for example, Rosie is an endangered species. However, there are too many examples of magazines that bear the names of people long-gone which dispell the notion that a magazine brand is inextricably associated with the ups and downs of its namesake.

Magazines die when they lose touch with their readers and lose all relevance to the audience they have built. Thus, Rosie Magazine will die, but Martha Stewart (as it is a great magazine loved by its readers) will outlive the current unpleasantness.

This, to me, is like arguing whether or not celebrity endorsements work. Or whether or not brands are important. Reporters can put together two or three examples of successes on any side of an argument. That does not make a trend.

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