Watching people fall

I’ve often said that in America, we worship success and curse the successful.

Now it appears there are some underlying sociological and psychological principles at work which underlie my unscientific observation.

According to a quirky story the other night on 20-20, there is research showing that we put “good looking” people on a pedestal. This apparently is all on the subconcious level.

But just let those beautiful people get comfortable on that pedestal and we love to watch them fall off, according to a story on why so many of us seem these days to be experiencing schadenfreude.

Keeping pace

Despite Maureen Dowd’s attempt to portray George Bush’s cover story in Runners World as something proving his shallowness, I think it is a coup both for the magazine and the President. Ironically, I think he can connect with a hard-to-reach segment of the American population through the pages of RW than he can through the New York Times.

Dowd thinks Bush should be engaged in more important things like running the country rather than running a three-mile race.

I think she needs to knock off the third cup of coffee each morning.