Ripley’s Believe it or Not

MRI analysis reveals the shocking truth: Magazines readership is UP!

Here is the press release from the MPA regarding the study:


Up More than 5% Overall with Women Outpacing Men

NEW YORK, NY (August 26, 2002) — Magazine readership increased 5.3% among adults since 1998, outpacing the 4.4% growth in the adult population during the same period, despite the economic downturn and the continued growth of the Internet and other media alternatives. This announcement was made by Ellen Oppenheim, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer, Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and Kathi L. Love, CEO and President of Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI).

Readership of the 171 magazines common to each of the past five MRI spring studies was examined. Along with the boost in the adult category, there were gains in overall female (6.1%) and male (4.3%) readership. This growth trend held true for the older (35+) age segment, while remaining virtually unchanged for the younger group (18-34).