Fat chance

My dad used to tell a joke about a man who grew so tired of reading about smoking being bad that he decided to give up reading. Well, it appears that Deborah Locke, a newspaper editorial writer in Minneapolis, has decided
to do the same thing
. She’s fed up with reading about how to lose weight, so she’s going to stop reading magazines with articles about weight loss. And Deborah, no doubt a staunch defender of the First Amendment, would like you to join in her magazine boycott.


If any story screaming from the cover makes you feel inadequate, the teeniest bit unattractive or even a smidgeon uncomfortable about your alleged predisposition for cellulite or a dreaded “pear” shape, leave it in the store.

At first, I thought Ms. Locke was writing this article as a sample piece to go along with her application for a job with the Onion. But no, she’a actually having a cow. Moo.