The big apple store

Spent the last couple of days in New York and just got home after subway-train-shuttle-plane-shuttle-car trip. (Comair, please bring back that bargain fare to LGA.) In addition to some productive meetings (in this case, not an oxymoron), I got to slip down to SoHo to see the new Apple Store (and to purchase an extra power cord). It was my first visit to one of their stores and I highly recommend the experience to anyone with marketing curiosity. Hang out at the “Genius Bar” if you have any questions. I’ve had a perplexing question for several weeks (months? years?) and it was answered with the cadence of the word “plastics” in The Graduate. “iSync,” the genius told me. “It comes out in a few days.” The clerk (which is not an appropriate description of the knowledgeable staff) volunteered to take my picture so I thought I’d post it here. On the right, for several who have asked to see it , is 444 Madison Ave., where Hammock Publishing’s office can be found (19th floor). It looks like the Daily Planet building to me.
444 Madison