Trend alert (or warning)

In what has to be the zanniest knock-off ever or a brilliant niche play, a rich guy and his son have launched a local Maxim-lite magazine aimed at men who live in, er, Indianapolis: Indy Men’s Magazine.


Despite a similar look, the Indy version takes a more conservative approach. ‘We didn’t want to just hit this community over the head with scantily clad women, but, you know, I think people give us a little leeway. They say, ‘You’re a men’s magazine.’ Overwhelmingly, hot babes is what they want, more hot babes.”

Please refrain from all remarks about photos of women built like a Brick Yard.

One thought on “Trend alert (or warning)

  1. Happy to answer any and all questions about Indy Men’s Magazine. The press wants to lob us into the Maxim category, but (if you have to play this game) we are more like Esquire meets Men’s Journal meets Spy.

    In addition to sports, business, fitness, food etc., we also publish national and international travel essays and original fiction (so far including such writers as Tom Coyne and David Gerrold). Monthly columnists include Dan Barden (author of John Wayne: A Novel) and Randall Tobias (former chairman of Eli Lilly).

    We have a circ of 50,000 and are distributed free locally. You can get a subscription for $12 (free if you sign up before the end of the year).

    I come to the mag after fifteen years with city and regional pubs, plus national freelance for such mags as Men’s Health, POV, This Old House and Endless Vacation. My books include the recent As Seen on TV (Quirk Books) and the upcoming The Game of Life (Running Press).

    Again, any questions, drop me a note.

    Be well,
    Lou Harry
    editor in chief
    Indy Men’s Magazine

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