Just in time downloading

With more than 48 hours to spare, Apple beat the announced “month of September” window in which it was to be releasing iSync. I’ve been waiting anxiously as it is promised to be a solution to my desire to have my palm sync easily with more than just the palm desktop.


It requires an upgrade to OS X 10.2.1.

It requires you to follow carefully the instructions for setting up Hot Sync conduits.

It requires that you remember to bring home the Palm travel sync kit.

It’s all installed. I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Later: It works, but is a bit clunky. The first sync was very slow, which I guess is to be expected. I can’t figure out how to sync to .mac, although it appeared to be doing it. While “To Dos” sync, notes and memos still only sync to the palm desktop, which is fine for me. I still have a learning curve with the whole process, but have gotten iCal, the Addressbook and my Palm to sync up the major things, so we’re moving in the right direction