The Mr. Magazine Quote Report

Samir Husni, the self-titled Mr. Magazine , or as we affectionately refer to him here at the rexblog, “Mr. Magazine Quote,” scored a big one today with this lead-grabbing, multi-quote placement in a U.S.A. Today story. Professor Husni soars with his observations on Martha Stewart’s acknowledgement that other people actually contribute to MSL. Mr. Magazine, […]

TV Guide’s guide

Magazine magnate Walter Annenberg dies at age 94. The fortune he amassed is not near so impressive as the one he gave away. Quote: Over the years, Mr. Annenberg became one of the country’s biggest philanthropists, giving away more than $2 billion in cash…to say nothing of his art donations. The recipients were as diverse […]

Custom publishing, no, wait

The WSJ today had a long page-one piece on how thin the walls are between the editorial and advertising sales departments of magazines published by Southern Progress. I guess the article appears on page one because their practices are so “shocking.” However, my response is admiration of their brilliance. Face it, for their specific titles, […]