Custom publishing, no, wait

The WSJ today had a long page-one piece on how thin the walls are between the editorial and advertising sales departments of magazines published by Southern Progress.

I guess the article appears on page one because their practices are so “shocking.” However, my response is admiration of their brilliance. Face it, for their specific titles, what the article “reveals” are some great ideas, not sinister traits. (Oh wait, what am I saying? I’m outraged. I can’t believe they are doing this. What happened to editorial integrity?)

I must add that I find the article amusing as I’ve been on panels with custom publishing people from Time Inc. who claim they wouldn’t let clients have any say-so whatsoever, in the editorial content of the custom magazines they were paying the company to produce. So, that would mean that their custom publications are being held to higher editorial integrity standards than what has to be one of the company’s most profitable magazine franchises.