A special quote from Mr. Magazine

I’m happy to report that Mr. Magazine, Samir Husni, has a good sense of humor and enjoyed the way I expressed my jealousy of his ability to be quoted in every article ever published regarding the magazine industry.

Professor Husni e-mailed me a kind note after my most recent post regarding him and I asked him if I could quote from it, a request to which he graciously said yes. (I thought he would.)

While I will still be reporting on his astounding ability to provide pithy publishing punditry, I want to make it clear that I do so strictly out of admiration (and envy).

Thank you, Samir.

Dear Mr. Hammock: (please, it’s Rex)

Fun is the most important element of magazine publishing that I try to teach and preach to my students… I have been doing what I am doing since the age of eight. I fell in love with magazines as a child, a young man, and later as an adult. I published magazines for an audience of one when I was in high school, and for a whole youth group in church back in my old country Lebanon. I never saw the magazine field (as a profession) but as a hobby that turned to an education to a profession. I do what I do for the fun of it and to use my abilities to their best. It takes a miracle from God for someone to come from a different country to become an expert on a subject so related and attached to the American culture and way of life. So I am always thankful to God whom I always credit for my success in this field, and that’s why I laugh every time I read stuff like yours or others who say similar things. I promise you one thing, I will continue doing what I am doing until the Lord calls me home. That is the ONLY thing that I know how to do. The amount of time and money I spend on my hobby makes every second of the day worth it. I am always buried in a pile of magazines in the office, at home, and yes in my mini van too. As I tell my students, to excel in this business you must dream magazines, feel magazines, breathe magazines, etc. etc.

I can only say that I wish Samir was around when I went to college. Then I could have gotten credit for all the time I spent hanging out in the magazine section of the library dreaming, feeling and breathing magazines. I hope to make it to Oxford one day soon to meet him and his students.