Some observers are clueless

The three regular readers of rexblog know I have long predicted (and here and here) that Martha Stewart Living will live on even if she finds herself living behind bars for a while. So, we aren’t surprised that Newsweek Periscope writer Peg Tyre observes that MS Living’s ad pages are actually UP in the newly redesigned October issue.


Surprisingly, though, advertising pages for the October issue of her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, are up 5.3 percent despite a harsh climate for the industry. Could her carefully cultivated “brand” survive a front-page photo of Martha in handcuffs? Some observers say no. But company analyst Laura Richardson of Adams, Harkness & Hill disagrees. “Her image is already tarnished and her fans still turn to her for ideas,” says Richardson. Although the stock might sink further, loyal fans, Richardson predicts, will keep the company alive.

Okay. Who are these “some observers” ? Some observers? Conventional wisdom gives “some observers” a down arrow.