Listserv hell

In the office on Friday, I was recounting an unfortunate little listserv experience from a few years ago in which a certain company set up an interactive listserv on a Friday afternoon, sent out a notification to a few hundred on-file email addresses and left for the weekend. Everytime someone hit reply with an “unsubscribe” message, the email was distributed to everyone on the listserv. Soon hundreds of emails started pouring back and forth and mailboxes were clogged with obscenity filled messages.

Well, history repeated itself for me this weekend as I started being bombarded with email associated with some listserv apparently maintained by The New Yorker Magazine. I’ve received over a hundred emails from people trying to get off the list…fortunately, they now are going straight to my “junk” folder.

All of them are similar to this:

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected attachment(s).

Action on virus found:
The attachment matched file blocking settings. ScanMail has
Deleted it.

Warning to recipient. ScanMail has detected a virus.

Imagine getting that over 100 times.

Frankly, it’s amusing to watch. And even more amusing it’s happening to Conde Nast rather than the certain company referenced above.