New “magazine” in Nashville

I’m not quite sure what newly defined category to place this in: a collective custom publication? an advertorial magazine? an all-sponsored content magazine? Whatever you want to call it, the Nashville City Paper’s (and erstwhile Hammock Publishing intern) Paige Orr reports on a new magazine that, according to the headline, will target the “rich.”

I can’t recall its title, but a similar concept was published about ten years ago. I know because my dentist bought a spread and still has it framed in his office. Paid publicity? Controlled editorial? Vanity marketing?

Later: After reading my link to her article, the intrepid reporter Page Orr jogged my memory with the name of the previous promozine (wow, just made that up, think I’ve got it): Profiles (not to be confused with the Sunday supplement magazine published in Nashville, American Profile).

One thought on “New “magazine” in Nashville

  1. Regarding the former “advertorial” magazine, I was told about one called Profiles a few years back. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of, Rex?

    By the way, thanks for mentioning my article.

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