Does anyone know this person?

Who?Sally Stockfoto

(Note: due to extreme embarassment by some rolling heads at MS, the link formerly in this post has been killed.)

MS has tracked down that person who switched from a Mac to a PC (Google cache version) and is featuring her deep within their website. Unfortunately, her name does not appear. She has a slight resemblance to Julia Roberts, don’t you think. The copy is great, but it needs a little translating:

Unidentified Switcher: “I am a freelance writer; I demand the best in mobile computing.”

Translation: “I get paid to write copy like this, or sometimes I trade out for products like the new laptop I’m writing this on.”

Later: That didn’t take long. By the time my plane landed at BWI, the switcher had been exposed, thus marking another great chapter in the history of bad PR. To be run by a bunch of folks with high IQs, MS seems forever clueless about what people actually do with the Internet.

Later: Where Sally Stockfoto came from, which is ironic in that Bill Gates owns a competing stock house.

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