A day in DC

Spent last night and today in D.C. and will be back there tomorrow. I know we all do, but maybe because I’ve lived there and work daily with so many people who live in its suburbs, I am really sharing their outrage at the deranged actions of the sick person who is killing innocent people who are in the midst of doing the most mundane things in life: filling their gas tanks, going to school, mowing the lawn, shopping for crafts.

While I’ve been following the story closely, seeing the local TV coverage last night in the moments following a shooting added to my rage.

I can’t believe the parade of “experts” who are appearing on TV with their pointless punditry. They are worse even than political pundits, or even those two-handed economists who appear on CNBC.

Everyone in D.C., and I mean everyone, is disturbed personally about the sniper and has a theory of who he is.

Here’s mine, which I’m sure is not original, but it makes sense to me.

I think the shooter is between 18 and 21. He is thinking that he’s merely extending a videogame experience into real life and that his actions are bringing him great fame. He will allow himself to be caught soon so that he can appear on the covers of national magazines. He wants to be famous. He does not drive a white van. I saw dozens of white vans in D.C. today. In fact, I saw dozens of white vans on the way from the airport home in Nashville. White vans are everywhere.

One last theory. While several people have mentioned the movie Malice having a link to the shootings, I believe the movie The Jerk will be attached to this story in some way. I know that’s a bizarre statement, but “he hates these cans” flashed through my mind when I heard about the first shooting. Again, I know that sounds bizarre, but those who are familiar with the movie will understand why that scene is so disturbingly suggestive of the random senselessness of the D.C. murders. Except in real life, there is nothing comic about it.

Later: Someone sent me this link to a Quicktime clip of the “he hates these cans” scene, however, it’s a very, very large (11 mb) file.

One thought on “A day in DC

  1. although i agree for the most part – there are white vans everywhere, and i also think that he/they will soon ditch the van if it’s it is that much of a give away, a quote from this article is worth noting:

    Authorities examined a number of clues, including, for the first time, a witness account of a possible driver of a beige or white van that has been the focus of speculation since the shootings began Oct. 2.
    One man who said he was a witness described a man driving away in a white van.

    Robert Young, a Washington construction worker, told The Associated Press he had returned to the shopping center Tuesday to talk with police. He said he had heard a muffled gunshot and saw a white van.
    Young said that as he backed his truck out of his parking spot, a white Chevrolet Astro van with two men inside tried to turn into his lane. He said the driver appeared very agitated to find his way blocked and instead drove by a neighboring restaurant and out of sight.
    Young described the driver as a short man of slight build. He said, “I got a good look at the guy.”
    The driver “seemed to be excessively irritated because he couldn’t pull into my lane,” he said. “I thought this fool was going to want to get out of the van and duke or something. But he didn’t. He kept on going.”

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