2 thoughts on “Blog-free Thursday

  1. What a day for you to be away!! The Rosie death watch comes to an end and you’ve missed the scoop. I feel bad posting the news on your blog. But not THAT bad.

    We all knew this one was coming.

    This reminds me of Martha Stewart which reminds me of Real Simple, which I picked up again the other day to see how they were doing. They’ve figured out a lot more about who they are. The last time I read them was in their first year of publication. It’s a much better magazine now…I know the circ is much lower that MSL and Oprah, but it may hang around. I don’t know…haven’t seen their ad nos.

  2. what a flattering picture of her they picked for that story. by the way, lcreekmo, is E-Online where you get most of your news from? 🙂

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