Separation of church and commerce?

The NY Times is reporting that certain religious leaders are protesting that GM is sponsoring a tour of contemporary Christian entertainers that includes a pastor-author.

As a defender of the first amendment, all of the first amendment, I find this “protest” puzzling. I believe GM is free to sponsor whatever they want, to communicate with any audience they want, wherever and whenever they want. GM is the world’s biggest advertiser. I defend their right to advertise in gay media. I defend their right to advertise on controversial TV programs. I defend their right to advertise in outdoor publications that are read by members of the NRA. I defend the right of their political action committee to contribute to both Republican and Democratic candidates, conventions and related causes. I defend their right to contribute to the construction of museums that may be associated with a specific ethnicity, gender, region or cause.

And I defend their right to sponsor a concert tour that will attract hundreds of thousands of young people who share a common religious belief.

Can’t we all just be diverse?