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A best seller

Cover story: Paul Colford explains why Time Magazine’s newstand sales are robust: They’re ignoring hard news on the cover. I would disagree slightly with this analysis. I believe they are doing a good job of featuring covers with hard news not being over-covered by the cable news networks and newspapers. Note that their covers are not featuring as many actors or celebrities (some, but not as many) as they did in the past. They are scoring with covers that feature parenting, health, faith and culture. They’re tapping into our collective anxiety over depressed teenagers, failing schools and spiritual journeys. And readers are responding. Especially encouraging to me is the counter-intuitive fact that one of Time’s biggest selling newstand covers this year featured Lewis and Clark. And what about Abraham on the cover a few weeks ago? Time may not be featuring hard news, but such cover subjects (and their success) can hardly be called “fluff.”