But why?

cueAnother cue cat?

But why? I’ve scratched my head at the concept before, but since Newsstand, Inc., earlier this week announced securing an additional $8 million round of financing (sounds like 1999, or what?), I’ll ask again: “Does the reader really want to see an exact replica of a print product reproduced on their PC?” And if the market demands it, how difficult would it be for Adobe to add a few “magazine reader” features to its universally available Acrobat. And furthermore, if readers really, really want it, won’t Microsoft come out with something that will do it? Don’t get me wrong. As a publisher of audited magazines, I understand completely why this format is compelling to the publisher. As a concept, it is a holy grail. But unless I can understand why it is equally compelling to the reader, then, as I’ve said before, it’s heading for the designation of next year’s cuecat.

One thought on “But why?

  1. Ouch! I think calling something “next year’s CueCat” is just about the worst thing you can possibly say about a business model. I’m definitely going to start using that one.

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