Is imitation the sincerest form of inspiration? It must be “blame magazine” day. Or did that last link to a column whinning about teen magazines by a Perdue student get inspired by a column whinning about baby magazines by Dave Barry? On second thought, I don’t think she read his column as doing so could have provided her with a much better benchmark for humor than she displays.

5 thoughts on “Whines

  1. Well I didn’t read your teen magazine article but Dave Barry is right…once you’ve read approximately 3 issues of ANY mass-marketed parenting magazine, you’re done. If you have read ANY parenting book, you already know more than you’re getting in the magazines.

    A few years ago there was a great magazine for parents that didn’t make it. I think it was called Offspring. It was in the design and hip-ness mold of MS Living, and it didn’t give you any of that drivel that’s so common in regular parent magazines. Instead it had real, useful articles and you felt like you were smarter for the reading. I miss it a lot.

  2. As the former editorial assistant at one of Time Inc.’s oldest publications (BabyTalk), I happen to think baby magazines are invaluable resources for parents. I know I saved lots of lives with my article on How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor.

    And OffSpring was awful. We hated it.

  3. Laura says:

    >A few years ago there was a great magazine for parents that didn’t make it.

    Gee Laura, I would think there are lots of parents who don’t make it. I wonder why it failed?

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