Man in black

This year’s black.

Man in Black: Advertising Age reports today that New Yorker publisher David Carey considered (but chickened out) the notion of dying his red hair a commemorative black to celebrate the magazine’s return to being in the black.” No magazine
deserves throwing an “ITB” party more than the New Yorker. Not only is it the country’s best edited magazine, those of us who watch such things also are in awe of the magazine’s sales creativity and prowess. “People have no clue,” Carey told Advertising Age, “how successful this business has become in the last three years.” As regular readers of rexblog know, some of us people do have a clue. We think the publishing & advertising sales staff of the New Yorker walks on water. I decided that earlier this year when I saw the advertising insert the magazine ran during the launch of the Mini Cooper. Such creative ideas originated by the magazine’s “suits” (at least in part, we hope) are as key to the magazine’s profitability as the brilliant articles appearing in the book. [subscribe to the New Yorker]