Magazine wonk heaven

Magazine wonk heaven: Here is the ultimate article for regular rexblog visitors. Peter Carlson’s “Magazine Reader” column in today’s Washington Post reviews two current magazine stories about magazines. The stories reviewed (both from Conde Nast books) are a GQ rip into John Huey and a Vanity Fair piece on the rise and demise of Rosie – both topics of numerous rexblog posts over the past year.

Here’s a great quote from Carlson’s column:

Perhaps other corporate magazine executives are not so crass — or so honest. But they all share a quality that distinguishes them from an earlier generation of magazine publishers, men like Time’s Henry Luce, Esquire’s Arnold Gingrich, even Playboy’s Hugh Hefner: This new breed exhibits no passion about bringing their own personal vision of truth and beauty to magazine readers. They are mere managers, empty suits with spreadsheet souls. That’s why most of their magazines are so timid, so tepid, so insipid.

Come on Peter, tell us what you really think.