Best of rexblog, 2002

Rexblog Annual Report, 2002: While I set up this weblog in the year 2000, I didn’t really start keeping it until January, 2002. It was a New Year’s resolution I actually kept.

Here are some things I’ve learned from the exercise:

1. Blog only for one reason and make it a non-commercial reason.
2. Have a blogging process that keeps it simple enough to post something in a few seconds.
3. If you’re going to have a list of “best posts of 2002” then keep a running list of them rather than trying to go back through an entire year.
4. Check out, a really helpful blogging tool.
5. Most people in the real world still have no idea what you mean when you say you have a web log.
6. It takes several months of doing this before it develops an authentic “voice.”

Here are some of the topics or names I blogged most in 2002 (at least I think I did):

Martha Stewart
Samir Husni
David Carr
David Carey
Time Inc.
Magazine launches

Resolutions for 2003:

1. Learn how to post via e-mail. (I have a process set up, just haven’t had the time to experiment.)
2. Use more little graphics. They break up the gray.
3. Develop more sources

Here are some of my favorite rexblog posts from 2002:

01.15 Small Business Marketing Myth
01.19 Sports Illustrated cover jinx
01.24 About Wal-Mart
02.01 My friend, Clint Smith
02.08 Saffo’s Macro Myopia
02.19 Dick Stolley
02.21 The Endurance
02.22 Memories of a miracle
03.5 Harry Connick envy
04.10 Misguided protest by Authors Guild
04.14 Tiger wins another Masters
09.25 Google News
11.18 LA Times on “the magazine scene”
09.29 The Titans could still make the play-offs
08.16 Memphis is not Nashville
08.07 Customer service letter
12.14 Different strokes for different folks
03.27 Newstand. Why?
03.30 July 1942 magazine covers
06.11 Is there
06.13 Martha gets caught
06.25 About custom publishing
07.30 Harry Q., RIP
08.21 Rosie is not Martha
08.25 Schadenfreude
08.29 Hey, I know that guy
09.03 Homer Hickam
09.13 Tired of hearing about losing weight?
09.19 Apple Store
10.31 A must-scan (long-form articles)
10.03 A note from Samir Husni
10.14 The Titans turn-around begins
10.16 A witty posting day
11.07 Today I am a blogger
11.13 Jesus Christ, cover star
11.22 Rexblog flashback
11.25 Man in Black
11.26 Four superfluous posts
12.03 Huey and Brewy
12.03 Magazine wonk heaven
12.08 Zoned
12.11 John McPhee