New niche?

What the world needs now: You will be happy to know that another new magazine for the hopelessly affluent launches today. Nicklaus Magazine, from a company called Luxury Publishing, “will be distributed in private country clubs worldwide, mailed to members of Nicklaus Design golf courses, distributed on private jets, placed in luxury hotels and resorts, and will be available in select newsstands and airports,” according to

If this news sounds familiar to rexblog visitors, it’s because it’s the third time in the past two months I’ve blogged stories about rich guys putting their names on “luxury” magazines. For instance, check out this rexblog flashback and this story in the NY Post.

So, for any budding magazine industry journalist who might goggle upon this post, here’s your magazine trend story of 2002: “Rich white fat guys – the hottest new niche!”