Profile of John McPhee

Profile of John McPhee, the man, the legend: Perhaps because of the coincidence of being midway through reading his Pulitzer Prize-winning Annals of the Former World, I found this Boston Globe profile of New Yorker Magazine writer John McPhee, especially interesting.


”I’d always wanted to write for The New Yorker,” McPhee says, ”and they were having none of me. I was submitting stuff from the time I was 18 years. I loved the fiction in The New Yorker. But reading somebody like [J.D.] Salinger, I knew I could never do that. But when I read some of the nonfiction writers – the profiles, things like that, I remember thinking, `I’d like to take a crack at that.”’

Did he ever. But then it’s obvious I’m a fan: three of the books over to the left on my recently-read list are by McPhee.