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searching survey
searching survey

More Google news & help for holiday shoppers: Check out Froogle, the new product search engine via Google. Good story about it in the NY Times.

As a public service, I ran a completely unscientific test on a product that sure would look good under any Christmas tree. The words I entered into the search were: “Titanium PowerBook G4 with superdrive”

Here are the results of my product search test:

Froogle: Gives several sources with photo of product, price and link to store.

Yahoo: There are fewer links than Froogle, but it includes a handy “buy it” button to each store. (A business model I can understand.) and both gave me a similar message to the effect, “Narrow your search, you moron.”

Bottom line: Despite my Google prejudice, it appears Yahoo has the better product at present. However, none of the sites I tried gave me a link to the obvious source, or to other obvious web super-aggreations of sellers like or eBay.

Another alternative which I consider a better way to find the really good deals is to use another product search tool from Google, their catalog search. The results from the catalog search gave more options and access to low-cost alternative sources.