2 thoughts on “New title watch

  1. I continue to remain skeptical about the long-term viability of cooking magazines when I know no one but me [my age & younger] who cooks. Perhaps it’s that we all want to think we cook and purport to cook. However, fashion and shopping and parenting and travel magazines….well those make sense to me.

    The one magazine I’ve seen to do cooking correctly, at least to my mind, for gens X and Y, is Real Simple. In a recent issue, they had holiday recipes two ways — the “real” way, and the “real simple” way — in other words, how to fake it fast and still end up with a yummy dish. Brilliant. Of course I scoff at the idea, but if someone were to do a whole cooking mag full of that, THAT should sell.

  2. The Martha magazine seems to be positioned as a Real Simple for wannabe cookers. A digest size available only at the check-out counter of grocery stores. One would assume that at least a portion of those who purchase food at grocery stores would actually prepare their food via the cooking method. However, I will defer to your expert opinion on the topics of cooking and grocery stores.

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