Wildcard weekend

Superbowl MVP?

Wildcard weekend: The Titans are in the perfect situation. Starting with a 1-4 season has turned into an apparent asset, for despite a league-leading record and #2 seed, even the sports media elite have forgotten to un-write them off. While this means nothing in the big scheme of things, (r-e-s-p-e-c-t is o-v-e-r-r-a-t-e-d) players seem to be motivated by little things like not being named to the Pro Bowl or being overlooked for accolades like MVP. “There’s a lot of incentive for us to go out and try to earn respect,” Jevon Kearse says on Titansonline.com. “It’s not just the Pro Bowl thing. It still has a negative effect in our minds, but as recently as two weeks ago we were still being considered pretenders, so we still feel like we have a lot of things to go out there and prove.”

As long as two teams from New York are in the Playoffs, the Titans will continue to be considered pretenders. When they make it to the AFC Championship against the Raiders (my prediction), they will be the underdog. When they beat Green Bay in the Superbowl, analysts will still argue that Brett Favre should have received the game’s MVP instead of McNair.

Oh wait, did I just pick the Titans to win the Superbowl? What I meant to say was something disrespectful like, “There’s no way such a lame collection of pretenders could win a playoff game.”

AFC winners this weekend? Jets & Browns NFC? I don’t remember who’s playing.