Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again: If this Ad Age story about a variety of publishing companies cooperating with Microsoft on an “e-periodicals” format sounds familiar, you are correct, I blogged it two months ago. Indeed, this story keeps coming back in different forms all the time because the technology keeps coming back time-after-time. Previously, when I blogged my thoughts about such digital versions of magazines, the biz development guy of one of the companies in that space contacted me (discovered via Google). While I liked his approach more than the others (don’t fight Adobe), I still don’t see the benefit to web users of accessing the magazine in a souped-up PDF-like format rather than as a html-based web page. Okay, for some people I do see a benefit, but such folks are the exception, not the rule. In fairness, however, I will soon review the only format in this category that I know is compatible with the Mac OS.