Special delivery

Special delivery: A press release from American Business Media outlines a new “experimiental” discount for smaller publishers. There are several caveats to the new rate, but it should help encourage the adaptation of creative distribution strategies used primarily by publishers of mega-magazines.

Here is the release from ABM:  

Effective April 20, the Postal Service will provide a new discount for smaller-circulation periodicals through co-palletization or co-mailing. The two-year experimental discount, which American Business Media has supported during its development, will benefit periodicals that have traditionally been mailed in sacks because they do not have the density to create even minimum-weight pallets.

To qualify, bundles of a periodical must be placed on a pallet with bundles of at least one other publication (co-palletization), or individual pieces must be combined earlier in the manufacturing process so that more than one publication appears in the bundles (co-mailing). The pallets must then be drop-shipped and entered into the postal system near the destination. 

American Business Media encourages its members to work with their printers and others who might offer a palletization and transportation service to see if they can qualify for reduced postal rates.