The NY Times on McNair

My hero

Finally: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an over-the-top Steve McNair fan. And not just a latter-day fan. (I’ll prove this one in a later post.)

For reasons I’ll get into when I have more time, McNair has failed to click as a media star. Too country? Too quiet? Too Black? Not Black enough? Who knows! Well, today the most elite of elite media, the NY Times, features Steve. And for the most part, the article gets him right. Steve may not be flashy or have the best stats or be the smoothest spokesman, but when I’m overwhelmed or in pain or want to give up for any reason, from somewhere deep in my brain’s TiVo, a Steve McNair highlights film begins to play.

My AFC divisional playoff picks for the weekend: Titans & Jets.

One thought on “The NY Times on McNair

  1. Ha, silly me. I am so far behind. Eight and a half hours. I just read this great story on the NYT and thought, I MUST send this to Rex, and of course….it’s already here.

    Interesting to hear McNair talk about his youth. I have not read an interview before where he mentions that — being from a rural area, etc. Cool.

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