Apple pie & Chevrolet

Apple pie & Chevrolet: Julie Cantwell, marketing reporter for Automotive News, reports that the world’s largest advertiser, GM, will focus a larger percentage of its marketing budget on “relationship marketing” rather than traditional media. (I assume that custom publishing is hidden in that “relationship marketing” slice of the pie.) Buried in the story, however, is news that GM will spend MORE on traditional media, just a smaller percentage of its overall marketing budget.

Here’s a great quote (actually, I have absolutely no idea what it means) from a GM advertising executive:

“Magazines are not in trouble,” Fraleigh said. “There are some magazines you can run the same ad, and it’s got a lot more effect than another ad because of how people consume that magazine, and the same is true for a Web site and a TV program.” For example, he said, consumer automotive magazines are effective. “The real prize is going to be for the people that figure out how to establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with current and potential consumers,” Fraleigh said. “And it’s not just going to be one big mass push.”

One word, Mr. Fraleigh. One word. Custom Publishing. Oh wait, that’s two words.