The best medicine


The best medicine: The WP’s Peter Carlson, the “Magazine Reader,” reviews a humor magazine for doctors, Placebo Journal.


Placebo Journal has identified and categorized the various species of noxious patients. There are hypochondriacs suffering from a dubious ailment the journal dubbed CHAOS — “Chronic Hurts All Over Syndrome.” There are “cyberchondriacs” who diagnose their ills on the Internet. And the dreaded “tag-alongs” — family members who come to the office with a patient “and try to get some free advice from you on the side: By the way, Doc, do you think this mole is cancerous?”

If the thought of a humor magazine for doctors seems a bit off-the-wall to you, then check out a magazine that is more than 30 years old and bills itself as, “the world’s pretty much only religious satirical magazine,” The Door, which I recall from the 1970s as being The Wittenburg Door. As I haven’t seen it in 15 years or so, I was pleasantly surprised to see the magazine still exists. Maybe Placebo Journal will be so lucky.