More muscle


More muscle: More, a magazine from Meredith for women who feel secure with the fact they are no longer 17, is growing gracefully, says Frank Saxe of’s Media Daily News. Even advertisers are catching on to the purchasing power of women over 40.


But the real story is how advertisers are opening up to More. Among the recent coverts are DeBeers, Nissan, Mastercard, Visa, Martex, and Taster’s Choice. In the retail category, Nordstrom has booked 19 pages across several issues, while Kohl’s has bought into More for the first time. The just-closed February issue was up 39% in ad pages according to Campbell, who says both March and April are pacing to be up “dramatically” in revenue. With its recent 100,000 boost in circulation, Campbell says More has hit critical mass. “As we grow, it becomes more appealing to advertisers.”

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  1. More is a fabulous magazine. I wish they didn’t target themselves so specifically to a particular age group [although perhaps that is why they are successful…]. I read and liked the magazine but couldn’t bring myself to subscribe when I learned I would be tagging myself as “seasoned.”

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