Proof positive

The Rep’s Proof

Proof positive: Despite the many years I served on the board of the Tennessee Rep, Saturday was the first time I’ve ever attended a run-through of one of their productions before it opened to the public. If I were a reviewer, I would give Proof four stars, a thumbs up and other pull-quote screamers like, “BOFFO,” and “If you’re only going to attend one play this year, make it Proof!” The Pulitzer Prize winning play opens Feb. 6 and if you follow this link, you can even get a discount ticket. The play is smart and intriguing and the casting of this production is about as perfect as any show I’ve seen anywhere. Here’s a synopsis from Kevin Nance in today’s Tennessean:

It’s about Catherine (Amy Tribbey), a young Chicagoan who dropped out of college to care for her father (Dennis Carrig), a renowned mathematician who suffered from mental illness. After his death, she faces longstanding differences with her sister (Anna Stone) and a romantic overture from one of their father’s former students (Matt Chiorini).

It runs from February 6-15 in the Johnson Theater (the black box in the basement) of TPAC. Go.