20% increase in trend stories

20% increase in trend stories: Regular readers of this blog know that I have a low threshold of tolerance for trend stories based on a reporter’s assumption rather than an actual trend. There is a great example of such a faux trend story in today’s Newsday. 18-34 year old people don’t read, we’re told (except they read news on the Internet, which I guess is not really reading according to these analysts and reporters.) Yet despite spending about 3,000 words alarming us that print media, even TV, is toast, the story includes this chart:

Where 18-to 34-year olds in the metro area get their information.

Daily newspaper 55%
Sunday newspaper 56%
Magazine 94%
Internet 80%
Radio 92%
Television 79%

I’m confused with this trend story! Shouldn’t the real story here be that magazines are still the dominant media among 18-to-34-year-olds despite the onslaught of Internet, TV and radio?