Why O works:

Why O works: I’ve tried to say it here before: celebrity magazines aren’t all created equally. It is hard from some experts to understand why, but O works while Rosie sucked. Simon Dumenco, writing in Folio:, tries to explain why:

In other words, as weird as O comes off in my neck of the woods — Manhattan — it sure as hell plays in Peoria.

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  1. Just want to mention that I have lived in Manhattan for 24 years and am a subscriber to Oprah magazine because I thoroughly enjoy it. O has universal appeal, a strong sense of self and a unique personality.

    The difference between Rosie and a Oprah is that Rosie who is a terrific “entertainment” personality, stands up for causes, makes us laugh and touches many aspects of our lives whereas Oprah has a spiritual nature that touches are hearts and speaks to our soul….big difference in approach and therefore longevity…..

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