Disconvergence update

Disconvergence update: Not all disconvergence action is taking place at AOL-TW. Primedia (AOL-TW Lite) was a canary in the coal mine for the whole theory of media convergence. Their stock has suffered for, well, for longer than they want to remember (“Shares of Primedia, which traded at an all-time high of $33.50 in March 2000, are now trading at about $2.50,” according to the article linked above). Like, AOL-TW, they are continuing the process of debt-reduction, now by putting Seventeen on the market. A great franchise in a very competitive category. (So much for convergence strategies that include Channel 1 and About.com.) Made me think of the first line of a parody song waiting to be written: “When I sold Seventeen, it was a very good year…”