I’m proud to be an American

One more reason I’m proud to be an American: Where else could the “anitwar movement” be considered “an industry”? Let’s sing althogether, now: All we are saying is, is give me a chance for a piece of the action…”

Quote (from the NY Times):

Ms. Ortiz, 43, has been producing antiwar paraphernalia on and off for 18 years. She makes the peace buttons at home and sells them for $700 a month to a friend, Gabriel Day, who owns a for-profit wholesale shop, Peace Resource Project, in Arcata, Calif. When huge rallies materialize, Ms. Ortiz hits the peace vending circuit in partnership with the business, selling her wares for a percentage of sales. At the rally here in early February, they hit $1,400. For five hours, Ms. Ortiz faced a crush of customers, often three-deep, asking: “How much? How much?”