Dear Vogue

Dear Vogue: When it comes to letters to the editor, women’s fashion magazines have a style all their own, according to this article in today’s NY Times.


Vogue, Elle and W receive hundreds of letters each month and select a dozen or so for publication. (Surprisingly, Glenda Bailey, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar, killed the letters page when she came in. ”Our readers tell us they would rather have another page of fashion than a page of letters,” explains Jenny Barnett, the deputy editor in chief.) As a genre, fashion letters have a style all their own. Newsmagazine readers tend to be dismayed, saddened or encouraged but are forever measured, even in the face of genocide or famine. Not fashion freaks — they are ”tickled” by the choice of a cover, they ”enthuse” over photos, they are ”scratching that itch,” and they are probably doing more than any other group to save the interjection ”Kudos!” from extinction.