A brief departure from tradition

A brief departure from tradition: For those new to the rexblog, I have typically tried to stay away from news about the employment comings and goings of magazine people (one could devote an entire blog to that subject). However, once in a while, there will be such a story that is hard to ignore. Today, there are several regarding Art Cooper leaving GQ which are, if nothing else, insightful about the behind-the-scenes activity at some major magazine publishing companies.

  • In this “Off the record” column in the NY Observer (that’s a temporary link, if it doesn’t work, try this), Sridhar Pappu dishes the inside scoop (or poop?) on Cooper’s ouster. Ouch.
  • UK GQ editor Dylan Jones is one contender for the job.
  • Rose McGowan’s boy friend is also a contender, according to the NY Post’s Keith Kelly, who handicaps the field (temporary link).
  • My only question is this: Who the heck cares?