Blogology: During the life of this weblog (registered in August, 2000; kept daily since Jan. 1, 2002), I have attempted with success to eschew posts about the subject of weblogs or blogging. It’s not that the subject does not fascinate me nor arouse my intellectual curiousity; it’s just that I find the excercise akin to studying ones belly button. However, I continue to be amazed at the amount of explaining I have to do when someone in the real world learns that I have a weblog. It’s never what they assume it is, a public diary in which I reveal my secret thoughts on events in my life. No way.

I am still amazed at the number of articles that appear like this one that continue to “introduce” weblogs to the masses.

I believe most people who are introduced to weblogs through such generalized articles are often disappointed when they follow-up and visit the weblogs mentioned. The sites that show up on Daypop and similar sites are heavily weighted to belly-button-looking blog news, politics, novelty websites, or tech-heavy topics.

Overlooked are the more narrowly focused weblogs (like this one) that follow a specific non-technology field (in my case, magazines) or a local region or some other niche topic. Until someone discovers a person who keeps an active weblog about their high school, church, scout troop, or other subject overlooked by the prolific bloggers, they likely will continue to yawn when surfing for the first time through the most noted weblogs.