Vaporzine Launch #2

Vaporzine Launch #2: Okay. It’s one of those days. (Is it something about the date, 3/3/3?) Remember the Vaporzine that was first announced last May, Common Good. Remember, Helen O’Donnell was going to raise $25 million to launch a new George-type Magazine out of Boston or New York or perhaps both. (Unfortunately, all the earlier stories in my posts are dead links.) Later, she announced she was having some trouble raising the wished for amount, but was going to launch it anyway. Well, today the LA Times has an item (middle of page) about her moving to LA and trying to launch the political magazine from there. Don’t laugh, that’s where they film West Wing, afterall. As I’ve noted in the past, George Magazine could not succeed in advertising boom times with John F. Kennedy Jr. serving as chief advertising salesman. (And believe me, he could get in to see ANY media buyer.) The magazine would have likely shut down, even if he had not died tragically.

So please, Helen, save yourself the trouble. Don’t do it. Rather, take any money that you have raised and go into business with the people from the post below and launch the magazine idea I suggested two posts down.